atendimento a infancia terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Child care

Help children who have difficulty in performing their own activities for their age. These difficulties may be related to some disease, some environmental and social factors, some syndromes, developmental delay and cognitive functions. The children's own activities are: academic, social, motor and play. The Occupational Therapist Assists motor development, cognitive, social, neurological and psychic children.

atendimento a adolescentes terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Service to Teens

With the use of different expressive and playful activities, seeks to assist the teen conflict resolution and improve performance in different performances of their daily lives. Address issues that may be linked to a table of diseases such as depression, psychosis, cognitive difficulties, OCD, ADHD, drugs, alcohol and social risk.

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Career Guidance

Assist the adolescent and young adult in career choices. With an assessment of profile and personal resources, seek ways to facilitate this choice. Aid the young in the process of maturation in relation to choice of profession. Often the young man thinks he has no doubt, why not verified all possibilities and has an unrealistic relation to that desired profession.

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Adult Care

The individual care seeks to improve occupational performance in the various activities of life. Since personal care activities, as well as more complex work or social roles performance. Rehabilitating or enabling for various human occupations. Stimulate personal skills that are necessary for a better autonomy.

orientacao e readaptacao ao trabalho terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Guidance and Rehabilitation for Work

Through evaluation of occupational performance and occupational functioning, detect difficulties in the performance of different productive activities and social roles. Assist in better development of productive activity. Promoting rehabilitation in cases that there is a need. Or in situations where there are sequelae caused by an illness or accident where the person is unable to carry out their professional activities as exercised before.

avaliacao DOTCA CR e LOTCA terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Cognitive assessment DOTICA-CR and lotic

Consists of a battery of 22 subtests that assesses five areas of cognitive function and the ability to learn. Cognitive function is essential for carrying out instrumental activities of everyday life, productive activities and problem solving. The evaluation provides practical data of damaged areas, with guidance to improve occupational performance evaluated, providing an improvement of autonomy. In some cases where cognitive impairment is more intense, make-up guidance to the caregiver. Thus keeps minimal autonomy and wellness.

grupo de apoio e reintegracao social terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Social Support Group

Aimed patients with schizophrenia, with the goal of improving the occupational and social performance, using an approach of the operating group to deal with issues of daily life and understanding of disease. Employment in cultural activities (cinema, films, theater, festivals, etc.) and social (birthdays, luncheons, tours and parties in general) as a facilitator and generator of health. Thus there is an improvement in social performance in instrumental activities of daily living and quality of life. Thus helping to reduce the symptoms and there is much better collaboration to treatment.

oficina de teatro terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Theatre Workshop

Aimed at adults with the goal of using theatrical techniques, stimulating the body language, verbal expression, memory, attention, concentration and the inter-relationship.

oficina da cabeca terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Head Office

"The head is like a 'muscle' that needs stimulation, otherwise atrophy". This concept has grown popular each day among the population, which somehow is not at all wrong. Was thinking about that this therapeutic workshop was created. Through games, reading, videos and structured activities, aim to stimulate cognitive function, problem solving and interpersonal and communication skills. Aimed at adults. Acts preventively or in aid of the cases where there is impairment in cognitive function due to some illness or trauma.

atencao a familia e ao casal terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Attention to Family and Couple

It is not easy to play the roles of husband and wife, not even to care for and educate children. Occupational therapy is a practical way issues related to the performance of these roles. Through guidance and a better understanding of family relationships, enable conflict resolution and an improvement in family relationships.

acompanhamento terapeutico terapia ocupacional ribeirao preto Serviços

Therapeutic monitoring

Some people suffering from mental or neurological diseases present a difficulty in performing activities of daily life and practice. In some cases the simple orientation or approach in practice are not sufficient to resolve these difficulties. Therapeutic monitoring will assist in these cases, because these activities are performed together, Occupational Therapist and patient so that the patient can again perform activities safely and autonomy. It also held social inclusion and monitoring of work and leisure activities.

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In partnership with architects and engineers, perform residential, commercial and educational projects that facilitate the access of people with disabilities and the elderly to these sites, creating better security and autonomy in performing daily activities.

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Home Care

Care for bedridden patients, guiding adjustments for better patient autonomy in personal care activities, or do the daily guidance to the caregiver activities to better assist the patient. Adapt the environment and leave it healthy, causing emotional and cognitive stimulation and allowing minimal maintenance of autonomy, bringing wellness and recovery (when possible).

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Home Care

Caregiving at home to patients who are independent in daily activities of personal care, but who have difficulty in domestic care or management of the house. This service includes patients who have limited mobility or some kind of social phobia.